Boston, MA– Have you ever taken the back roads through a town in Massachusetts with gorgeous homes, pristine lawns, tree-lined driveways, horse stables, four-car garages, etc.? All the time, right? How much do those people make anyway?

According to a new report by Bloomberg, nine of the top 100 richest zip codes in all of the United States are here in Massachusetts.

Highest up on the list is... drum-roll please... Weston, MA (02493), coming in at #11 in the U.S., with an average adjusted gross income (AGI) of just over $750,000.

Next up on the list is a zip code within Boston: 02110, otherwise known as Downtown waterfront, right next to the aquarium. This zip code came in at #18 and had an AGI of $622,000.

Wellesley, MA (02481) comes in next at #32 with an AGI of $539,000.

Coming back to Boston, #37 is 02108, better known as Beacon Hill, with an AGI of $519,000.

Staying in the city of Boston, rounding out the top 50 is 02116, which is the Back Bay/South End neighborhood with an AGI of $480,000.

After those we have 02119 (a tiny zip code mostly taken up by the Prudential Center) which comes in at #52 with a AGI of $477,000. Then we have Dover, MA (02030) at #54 with an AGi of $467,000, and #82 is Newton, MA (02468) with an AGI of $388,000.

And near the bottom of the richest zip codes in the United States is Sherborn, MA (01770) which comes in at #96 with a AGI of $355,000.

Wondering which statistics Bloomberg used to arrive at these conclusions? So did we. Here's the answer:"Bloomberg evaluated zip codes with at least 200 tax returns, as of the 2016 filing season and 500 housing units per latest Census survey, to extract the 300 zip codes with the highest average adjusted gross income. More than 22,000 zip codes met the criteria to be ranked."

They used 2016 tax returns, as those are the most recent ones available.

So, next time you're driving through Weston or Wellesley or Back Bay or Newton, you can say with confidence exactly how much the people in those houses earn, and how they rank up against their Massachusetts neighbors.