Cambridge, MA - According to officials, the Cambridge Fire Department worked for nearly five hours yesterday morning trying to contain a 4-alarm fire, and so they did.

On Monday morning, January 14, 2019, a 4-alarm fire burned two buildings and displaced 19 people. The call came in at around 5:40 a.m., guiding Cambridge firefighters to 6 Hunting Street. Another call was phoned into the fire department shortly after, stating that a building adjacent to the one already on fire was up in flames, too. This call guided Cambridge firefighters to Cambridge Street. This information was provided to reporters by Cambridge Fire Chief Gerard Mahoney.

According to reports, heavy smoke was seen exiting the third floor of the Hunting Street building. This building houses the Sunset Café on the first floor with residential apartments on the second and third floors. According to the Cambridge Fire Chief, the fire originated in the basement and made its way up the levels as it progressively got worse. Mahoney was proud to say all residents made it out of the building on Hunting Street safely, with 2 people displaced in the process. As for the building on Cambridge Street, approximately 17 people were displaced.

The fire didn’t stop there, though. Approximately 15 minutes after the firefighters responded to the first two buildings, another alarm was struck to which the firefighters were evacuated from the buildings. A fourth alarm was struck at approximately 6:30 a.m. Flames were practically ripping through the structure of the building at this point.

The Cambridge Fire Department is trying to help the displaced people find a place to stay. After a few phone calls were made, the department stated in a tweet that all residents that were displaced due to the fires can go to the Frisoli Youth Center for assistance, located on 6 Willow Street.

The Cambridge Fire Department worked all morning to contain the fire for approximately five hours. It wasn’t until a little before 10:30 a.m. that they were able to contain it and make sure all residents were safe.