Boston, MA - The FBI has recently found one state in particular to be the hot spot for illegally altering fingerprints and that state is Massachusetts.

The number of criminals tampering with and changing their fingerprints at crime scenes has skyrocketed, but Massachusetts happens to be the #1 spot for the illegal crime. Criminals are hiding their identities from the law by burning their prints off, hacking the system to change their prints, and mutilating their prints to make it seem as if they were never involved in the crime.

Within the past few years, an approximate 850 people have been arrested in the state of Massachusetts due to this crime. The first three illegal cases were found in the year 2002, with approximately 70 arrests being made by 2010, and the rest of the 700 odd criminals being found guilty within the years 2010 to 2018. These approximate 850 people have been arrested by Massachusetts State Police as well as police officers from the cities of Boston, Lawrence, etc.

In most cases, actual physical fingerprints of the criminals were burnt off, leaving harsh and thick scars at the fingertips, claimed James Bedard, a Salem police officer. In addition, the Automated Fingerprint Identification System has recently improved, and has found several trails of “fake” or unfound fingerprints trailing through the system. This, in turn, has led to a long list of criminal’s fake personas being discovered.

In addition to the self-harm and self-mutilation of fingerprints done by these criminals, even more illegal information was found regarding the matter in 2014. According to FBI officials, two specific doctors from the Dominican Republic were found guilty of offering criminals and illegal immigrants the option to surgically alter their prints. Both doctors were a part of a Massachusetts practice, which led officials like Kristen Setera to believe criminals had an easier way out of their own crimes.

Because most of these crimes are drug related, officials tend to go off of fingerprint analysis. Other more serious crimes are required to go through DNA testing and facial recognition analysis testing. Now that FBI officials know fingerprint mutilation is occurring more often in such crimes, they will employ a new system that includes investigation of all fingerprints to try and calm down the opioid epidemic.